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Mahatma Gandhi Laptop Decal White – Be the Change That You Wish to See in the World 12×2.2 Inches

My Vinyl Story provides high quality Removable Vinyl Decals to enhance and gives a special touch to your Electronics, Walls, or Car. Many people have problems with stickers that leave sticky residue when trying to peel off but we supply Removable Vinyl so this does not happen and at the same time be able to […]

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Shooting Star Jar! Make a Wish / Russian Meteorite, Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorite Shrapnel Collectible

Striking dark Sikhote-Alin iron meteorite shrapnel fragment in square glass jar, set on white sand, with black and white shooting star tag! A shooting star is one of the most spectacular, yet fleeting, occurrences in the night sky. Legend holds that if you close your eyes and make a wish on a shooting star, your […]

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