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A Revisionist View On Today's Education System

The problem with education is a broad one. What is wrong with our education system? Why don’t students see the significance in it? Why do they not take it seriously enough? These questions, being presented to economists to politicians to teachers to parents and students themselves, would still not yield any single valid answer. The […]

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Schools for Today's Students Call for Educational Leadership and Advocates

In a capitalist society that values private ownership and making money and defines success in amassing wealth, why are we surprised at corporations seeking massive profits on products like smartphones or products like curricula and testing?  So, in the gap created between what was and new standards, teachers were left without much other than the […]

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A Beautiful Visual On The Impact of Technology on Today's Classrooms

April 28, 2015 We just came across this beautiful visual on the impact of technology on classroom learning and teaching and wanted to pass along some important stats that stood out to us. Technology is radically transforming the education landscape and the stats below speak volumes to this transformation: In a 2009 report released by […]

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