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Educational psychologist speaks on potential negatives of school active shooter drills

… an educational psychologist who teaches at Texas A&M University and counsels students in public schools as well. But Simmons says the research …

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7 Great TED Talks on The Educational Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is radically transforming our life by making the border between thephysical and digital reality thiner than ever before.  We have already touched upon the huge potential of augmented reality in education and have featured a wide variety of tools and mobile apps teachers and educators can use to effectively integrate this technology into […]

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Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century: Problems, Potential, and Progress

As our student population diversifies rapidly, there is a critical need to better understand how national, regional, and/or local policies impact youth in school settings. In many cases, educational policies constructed with the goal of helping youth often have the unintended consequence of inhibiting youth’s potential. This is especially the case when it comes to […]

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