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Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology

For the Internet generation, educational technology designed with the brain in mind offers a natural pathway to the pleasures and rewards of deep learning. Drawing on neuroscience and cognitive psychology, Michelle Miller shows how attention, memory, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning can be enhanced through technology-aided approaches. Product Features Minds Online Teaching Effectively with Technology […]

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IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSA – 7 Pcs Kids Educational Toys for 5+ Year Olds – Highly Stimulating Brain Teasers – Challenging Mental Exercises for Sharp Young Minds – 100% Child Safe – Win Prizes

YOUNG MASTERMINDS’ PLAYGROUND-IN-A-BOX Raise a Brainiac! Get your kid the IQ Challenge Set for a head start in today’s fast-paced world of making big decisions on the fly. Re-assembling the 3″ IQ ball tests kids’ perseverance and deduction power; while solving the 4 different 2.5″ Puzzle Balls offer regular mental exercise. Test their mental agility […]

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Teacher-tested Tools for Nourishing Creative Minds

June 12, 2015 When a student is fully engaged with an instructional activity, learning can be fun and invisible. Here are some teacher-tested tools that have nourished minds and made faces smile. Drawp for School Create and collaborate on interactive assignments for any subject. Includes design tools, teacher workflow and unlimited cloud storage. Download for […]

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