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Shooting Star Jar! Make a Wish / Russian Meteorite, Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorite Shrapnel Collectible

Striking dark Sikhote-Alin iron meteorite shrapnel fragment in square glass jar, set on white sand, with black and white shooting star tag! A shooting star is one of the most spectacular, yet fleeting, occurrences in the night sky. Legend holds that if you close your eyes and make a wish on a shooting star, your […]

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1,000,000 Yr-Old Meteorite Crater Rocks, Astronomy, STEM, Educational, Space Kit

These vintage-style glass vials with cork stoppers contain an authentic impactite specimen which is a vaporized meteorite infused with molten rock. Accompanied by a smaller vial filled with sand collected from the ancient Monturaqui meteorite crater in Chile’s Atacama Desert. They are displayed with an exclusive informational card with photograph of the actual crater. Monturaqui […]

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