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Wacky Links® DIY Kids Tubes and Connectors Interlocking Building Kits – Improves Fine Motor Skills Development |Fun Educational STEM Toy for Boys and Girls (Unicorns)

Wacky Links offers a series of kids interlocking tube and connector building kits to help them build their imagination thru creative play. Each set comes with 15 tubes and 20 connectors. Simply open the box and let your kids explore. They can build whatever their hearts desire. Many children like to create bracelets, back pack […]

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The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition: The newest rubric enhancing the links to the Common Core State Standards, with clarity of language for ease of use and scoring

The framework for teaching document is an evolving instrument, but the core concepts and architecture (domains, components, and elements) have remained the same. Major concepts of the Common Core State Standards are included. For example, deep conceptual understanding, the importance of student intellectual engagement, and the precise use of language have always been at the […]

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