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School Leadership in a Diverse Society: Helping Schools Prepare All Students for Success (Educational Leadership for Social Justice)

The purpose of this work is to broaden the scholarly dialogue in educational leadership and to address the changing role of the American school principal in the twenty-first century with regard to increasing diversity in the United States. This book seeks to provide theoretical and practical insight into the role of school principals dealing with […]

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A Must Have Tool for Helping Students with Reading and Writing Difficulties

March 24, 2016Read & Write for Google Chrome is an excellent teaching tool to use with students having reading and writing difficulties.It is also ideal for EFL and ESL students. It provides a number of powerful literacy tools to help students enhance their learning and improve their reading and writing skills.  Read & Write works […]

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SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass

SE is proud to present our Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass. Designed with the hobbyist, electrician, jeweler, and everyday user in mind—this helping hand is perfect for soldering, detailed work, and working with small parts. The magnifier and clips will adjust to most angles and the magnifier greatly reduces the need for extra visual aid. […]

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Educational App or Digital Candy? Helping Parents Choose Quality Apps for Kids

There are now over 80,000 apps marketed as “educational” in the Apple app store, the majority of which are targeted towards children and even babies. Parents are led to believe that these apps provide real learning opportunities for their children, but scientific research suggests that many of the apps are nothing more than digital candy. […]

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Educational Care: A System for Understanding and Helping Children With Learning Problems at Home and in School

This book continues to advocate for the informed observation and description of students without subjecting children to eligibility formulas and labels. In this second edition, I have updated and enriched many of the descriptions of the observable phenomena, revealing scenarios that can be witnessed daily within a classroom and at home. I have also added […]

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