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Intentional and Targeted Teaching: A Framework for Teacher Growth and Leadership

What is FIT Teaching? What is a FIT Teacher? The Framework for Intentional and Targeted Teaching® or FIT Teaching® is a research-based, field-tested, and experience-honed process that captures the essentials of the best educational environments. In contrast to restrictive pedagogical prescriptions or formulas, FIT Teaching empowers teachers to adapt the most effective planning, instructional, and […]

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Teaching Children to Care: Classroom Management for Ethical and Academic Growth, K-8, Revised Edition

Turn your vision of respectful, friendly, academically rigorous classrooms into reality. This definitive work about classroom management shows you how to: Set priorities and expectations with children Establish classroom routines Generate rules with students and using logical consequences Work with families and staff to support the rules Plan and conduct individual conferences and class meetings […]

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STEAM and the Educational Growth of Children in 2016.

You are here: Home / Money / Business / STEAM and the Educational Growth of Children in 2016. Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry (ThyBlackMan.com) This blog was originally written in 2013, much has changed in the opportunities for children of color and culture to grow and develop into Nerds, Blerds, Geeks andEntrepreneurs. In our educational […]

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