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Educational Insights Freeze Up!

Let’s play Freeze Up, the keep-your-cool, countdown category game. Quick. Name an animal that starts with C. How about a fruit that starts with B or a flower that starts with T? Sounds easy, right? No clue? Losing time? Press the button to change the category or the letter. Think fast, but think smart—other players […]

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Brain Freeze From MIGHTY FUN, Award-Winning Board Game for Kids and Families, Fun and Educational Game to Learn Strategy, Logic, Deduction and Memory, Ages 5 and Up

Parents! It’s awesome to give your kids a game to play that’s so much fun they just can’t put it away, right? Well, what if that amazing game also benefits the brain every time they play? Even better! Introducing Brain Freeze, the game one expert game reviewer said was one of the best games he […]

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