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Educational Insights Hot Dots Flashcards, Fractions

Educational Insights Hot Dots flash cards can be used as basic flash cards or for instant reinforcement, simply touch the pen to the correct answer to get a positive response. Set includes 50 double-sided cards for 100 interactive math problems. Grades 1 and above. Product Features FLASHCARDS HOT DOTS FRACTIONS For A Complete Overview Of […]

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3rd 4th Grade Fractions Games

Product Features Learn and practice the fractions with funny drawings. Understand the concept of fractions with display examples A small explanation of: Fraction simple, Mixed numbers, Equivalents, Compare fractions, Addition, Subtraction. Click Here For More Information

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Teaching Tree Fractions & Numeral Place Value Educational Poster Set

Set of 2 17″x23.5″ fractions & numeral place value Teaching Tree posters. Product Features 17″x23.5″ fractions & numeral place value poster set For A Complete Overview Of Our Stock Click Here…

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Educational Insights Hot Dots Math Flash Cards Fractions

Use like regular teacher- or parent-directed flash cards, with individual students or small groups. Add the Talking Hot Dots Pen, and students can drill independently with Hot Dots instant reinforcement! Students touch the pen to the correct answer, and get a positive response. The plastic storage case makes these great send-home helpers for students needing […]

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