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The Formative Assessment Action Plan: Practical Steps to More Successful Teaching and Learning (Professional Development)

Winner of a 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers! Join Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher as they outline a clear-cut, realistic, and rewarding approach to formative assessment. They explain how four discrete steps work in tandem to create a seamless, comprehensive formative assessment system one that has no beginning and no […]

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Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Integrate Formative Assessment in Your Instruction

November 13, 2016Formative assessment is an evaluative approach that allows teachers to take quick snapshots of students learning in class. It’s an ongoing process that can happen anytime during a lesson regardless of content area. Unlike summative assessment whose goal is to assess students overall learning outcomes at the end of an instructional unit, formative […]

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Two Powerful Formative Assessment Apps for Teachers

November 12, 2016 Formative assessment is an ongoing form of evaluation that teachers conduct concurrently with students learning in class with the explicit goal of assessing students comprehension, gauging their learning needs and designing teaching materials accordingly.  Teachers use a wide variety of techniques to formatively assess students learning which we have covered here in […]

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The Best 8 Web Tools for Doing Formative Assessment in Class

Formative assessment, as we have agreed elsewhere, is assessment for learning which is completely different from summative assessment, which is assessment of learning. The insights gained from formative assessments are usually used to decide on the next instructional steps and also inform teachers as to the additional opportunities needed to ensure students’ success. Examples of formative assessment include: assigning projects […]

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An Interesting Infographic on The Differences between Summative and Formative Assessment

June 9, 2016After the huge interaction we received following the posting of ’12 Great  Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers’ we decided to re-share with you this visual that we created almost two years ago. The visual sums up some of the key differences between summative and formative assessment. Insights included here are based on  Frey […]

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Here Is An Excellent Formative Assessment Tool to Use in Your Class

December 15, 2015Quizizz is a great web tool we discovered through Learning in Hand. Quizizz allows you to create interactive quiz games to use in your instruction for a number of educational purposes including formative assessment. Quiz games you create have up to 4 answer options including a correct answer. You can also add images […]

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