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As Uber battles negative headlines, Lyft plans education discount for Florida drivers

Transportation network company Lyft announced this week it will offer discounted education programs to drivers in the Tampa Bay area, after partnering with Denver-based Guild to give drivers access to online courses through 80 institutions nationwide. The move could help the company attract more …

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Commentary: Let Florida voters decide fate of education funding formula

Melody Johnson, chair, Volusia County School Board(Photo: Special to The News-Press) It’s been said that “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” But Tallahassee has transformed that golden door into lead when it comes to the finances of many school districts across Florida. Volusia County taxpayers, parents and students alike are […]

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Educational food tours offer opportunity to taste invasive Florida lionfish

They’re beautiful, venomous and invasive: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says lionfish are having a negative impact on our waters. Joe Glass founded ReefSavers hoping to decrease the number of lionfish in Florida waters. “After reaching out to a few divers, we created a network of local fisherman throughout Florida that do this […]

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