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PicnMix Children’s Educational Games & Learning Toy – Funny Faces Game

Funny Faces – Art.117001 We all want our child to grow up kind, sensitive, attentive. We want the child to know how to support, empathise, sympathise and respond adequately to the emotions of others. These qualities form the basis of the so-called emotional intelligence, which is necessary for success in society and being happy. People […]

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Superintendent says Alabama faces crisis in math education

Alabama’s new state school superintendent says the state faces a crisis in math education and called for a strategy to address the problem. Michael Sentance made a presentation to the state Board of Education today, including a slide showing that Alabama fourth-graders ranked 52nd in math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress last year. […]

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52 Faces: Betty Noble Starnes, Hillcrest School founder

One of the 52 Faces of our Community, Hillcrest School executive director Betty Starnes. Friday 07-22-16 Tim Fischer/Reporter-Telegram Tim Fischer   Professional and community involvement: Midland is a wonderful community, rich with a philanthropic spirit, and a true sense of “can do-will do.” I have been privileged to serve and to give back to a […]

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Set of 2 Pieces – Educational I SPY Monster Faces & Alphabet Foam Puzzle Play Mats

Set of 2 Pieces – Educational I SPY Search & Find Monster Faces & Alphabet Foam Puzzle Play Mats Each Durable foam play mat featuring popular I SPY pictures provides a soft surface and hours of search-and find fun! Solve the I SPY riddles….Spin the arrow and find the objects it points to! You will […]

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