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What is Chain of Generations? The foundation of Judaism is the agreement made between the first Jew Abraham and God and the continuum of events leading up to the receiving the Torah by Moses and the entire nation at Sinai, which since then has been passed down, exactly as given, from one generation to the […]

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Wild Animals! Fun, Educational Food Chain Card Game by National Geographic; Animal Planet Coloring and Activity Pouch; Wild Animal Music CD with Activity Pages; 3-pc

Learn about the food chain and which animals are carnivores (meat-eaters), herbivores (plant-eaters), or omnivores (meat -and-plant-eaters). Product Features Food Chain Game by National Geographic has 36 cards and game instructions. Played like Go Fish. Animal Planet 24 Coloring and Activity Pages in a resealable Pouch- includes 4 crayons and a sheet of stickers. Sing…Read…Learn! […]

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