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An Interesting Infographic on The Differences between Summative and Formative Assessment

June 9, 2016After the huge interaction we received following the posting of ’12 Great  Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers’ we decided to re-share with you this visual that we created almost two years ago. The visual sums up some of the key differences between summative and formative assessment. Insights included here are based on  Frey […]

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An Interesting Infographic on The Relationship Between Games and Learning

June 4, 2016Learning has a lot to do with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain manage rewarding and pleasant feelings. Activities that induce higher dopamine levels in the brain are usually associated with feelings of pleasure and reward (e.g playing games). With higher levels of dopamine the brain tends to function better especially in […]

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Difference Between Screensharing in Apple TV and Google Chromecast

May25, 2015 Both of Chromecast and Apple TV allow you to stream content from your computer or mobile devices into a projector or TV. However, there are some major differences which you need to consider if you are thinking to use them in class with students. For $35, Google Chromecast comes at a cheaper cost […]

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