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Educational Card -٣ ٢ ١ with Arabic Numerals Indic Numbers بطاقات تعليمية

Flash cards help children learn their Arabic numerals. contains of 26 color laminated flashcards 26 بطاقة تعليمية تساعد الأطفال على : التشجيع على مهارة تعلم الأرقام عندما يطلع الأطفال على الأرقام قم بعد الأشياء معهم وساعد الاطفال بالعد بالشكل الصحيح بالإشارة إلى الاشياء يحفز تطور اللغة For A Complete Overview Of Our Stock Click Here…

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Moroccan Arabic: Shnoo the Hell is Going On H’naa? A Practical Guide to Learning Moroccan Darija – the Arabic Dialect of Morocco (2nd edition) (Educational Resources)

For everyone going to Morocco, any age + skill level: language students to casual visitors and everyone in between. Clear and easy pronunciation system, on-the-street utility and low price. All book sales go to support Moroccan-USA NGO for more community and education-based materials, activities and exchange. Produced by an all-volunteer bi-national team of experts – […]

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Arabic Alphabet Board Puzzle (Arabic) (Arabic Edition) (Board Puzzle)

This unique puzzle teaches children the shapes and the sequence of the 28 Arabic alphabet characters. Children will spend hours playing, recognizing and learning all the alphabet letters. The toy is made of high quality wood. All paints are non-toxic and approved for children use. For A Complete Overview Of Our Stock Click Here…

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