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NEW: Backpack Mod and Addon for MCPE

Product Features 34 wonderful and different backpacks Regular updates Sort mods by categories Support import mods to MCPE master Click Here For More Information

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An Excellent Google Sheets Add-on to Translate Spreadsheets Cell by Cell

February , 2017When it comes to translating spreadsheets most of the translation applications out there won’t serve the purpose. Information separated in different cells renders translated versions irrelevant and sometimes ridiculous. However, there is this Google Sheets add-on that can be really helpful. It has also received quite many positive reviews in the add-ons store. […]

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Here Is A Must Have Grading and Rubric Building Add-on for Teachers

June , 2016JoeZoo Express is an excellent Google Doc add-on for teachers. It provides you with three handy marking tools to give written feedback, build rubrics, and grade assignments. JoeZoo comes preloaded with over 90 of the most frequently used pieces of writing feedback arranged into five main categories: formatting, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and structure. […]

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A Minecraft Add-on To Teach Kids Coding and Programming Skills

August 10, 2015LearnToMod is a Minecraft add-on to help students learn coding and programming skills through creating interactive mods to the game. LearnToMod, which we discovered through this article from The Guardian, offers a Modding Studio where students get to experiment with coding using two powerful programming languages. It also enables them to collaboratively learn […]

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