The Sequel To The Bastardization Of The University Of Education (UEW), Winneba: The …

The Sequel To The Bastardization Of The University Of Education (UEW), Winneba: The Unmasking Of Rev. Afful-Broni

I recently wrote about the ill-starred affairs at UEW. As a complement to the earlier write up, I want to with surgical fastidiousness unclothe the good Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni. Most professors that I know have worked very hard to attain such a title in academics. I said the Rev. did not have the academic genre to be called a full professor.

In my attempt to expose this fraud, I am not trying to damage his name. Rather, I am protecting others who have worked unstintinglyagainst all odds to be conferred with the title PROFESSOR. This is an elite group and membership must be guarded with all tools in order to prevent individuals who are not qualified to be granted permission to use this title.

In a conference at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 2013, in the presence of other notable academics including Graca Machel ( The wife of Nelson Mandela), Rev. Afful-Broni in his own biography indicated the following:

“Dr Afful-Broni has published over 30 scholarly publications in reputable journals and other educational books.Among these are six textbooks: The school as a social unit (2004),Theory and practice of educational leadership in Ghana (2004),Critical issues for educational leadership in Ghana (2005),Introduction to curriculum development in Ghana (2006),The school as a social unit – revised (2007) andPrinciples and practice of time management (2008)”.

What caught my profound interest is the word “30 scholarly publications”.As someone who is interested in research, knowledge development, innovation and scholarly work, I was initially enthralled and decided to reconnoiter this statement further. I searched Zoom Infoandon that platform, the Rev. had indicated he had published 19 articles. A further catalyst for my inquiring mind was to satisfy myself if the Rev was actually qualified to be a member of our esteemed club. I wanted todetermine if he had the academic caliber to lead one of the best teacher training institutions in Africa. Following this period of anguish, I decided to conduct a search on these “30 scholarly phantom publications”. I am sure the UEW faculty, staff, the community, university council, his parish, supporters, the Catholic Church and the government in general will be interested with what I discovered.

Firstly, it is not true that the Rev Father has published over 30 articles. I deployed all investigative tools to assist me in this journey. It however has to be noted that in instances that he co-published, I sadly found out that though he listed himself as first author, the second author should rather have been listed as the first author. Most of these were dissertations written by students he supervised. That in itself is academic dishonesty and fraud. I am sharing with you the articles he presented to be considered a Professor:

  1. Afful-Broni (2012) Relationship between motivation and job performance at the Tarkwa University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana-3, 309-314. Creative Education- Online journal-1
  2. Afful-Broni (2004) Theory and practice of educational leadership in Ghana. (YAMENS PRESS LTD) (Strangely enough, this same article/book in another iteration is published by TYPE PRESS LTD)
  3. Afful-Broni (2012) Conflict management in Ghanaian schools. A case study of the role of leadership of Winneba Senior high school. International Journal of Educational Planning and administration. Vol 12 #2 pg 65-76. India Publications- predatory journal ( This same work was submitted by a student for their dissertation defense)
  4. Afful-Broni & Nanyele (2012) Factors influencing worker motivation in a private African University. Lessons for leadership.(Stephen Nanyele should have been listed as the first author) Creative Education, an online journal-2
  5. Afful-Broni & Hogrey (2010). Study habits as predictor of academic performance. A case of students at Zion Girls Senior High School in Winneba-Ghana. Global Journal of Educational Research. Vol 9 No 1&2, 57-63. (Mawusi Hogrey should have been listed as the first author. This same work was presented as their dissertation topic).

Truth be told, I am flummoxedwith regards to how a person with such scrawny dossier can become a FULL PROFESSOR with publications replete with fraud and dishonesty. What makes it very troublesome is the fact that this man cavalcades across UEW as a well-educated colleague and a sanctified man of God. He is a sting. A counterfeit and does not merit to head the affairs of this noble higher institution of learning. Out of inquisitiveness, I additionallyconducted a forensic rifle on some of the six text books and all his published work using aplagiarism software. In my next write-up, I will let you know what I discovered. My heart twinges when I think of how this great university has been turned into a banana farmstead by run-of-the-mill misleaders without anaccelerativeintellectual vision.

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