Senator Keith Perry Receives 'F' from Educational and Environmental Groups

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A group made up of representatives from several educational and environmental groups went by the office of State Senator Keith Perry (8th district) to deliver a “report card” on Wednesday, August 1, 2018.

The report card, which was put together by For Our Future Florida, The Alachua County Education Association, the Suwannee St. John Sierra, and other groups, had a list of issues that they believe that Sen. Perry has earned an ‘F’ on.

Those issues include his support for the arming of teachers in the wake of the Parkland shooting, his support for school voucher programs, and his support of the ‘toilet to tap’ bill, which would allow the injection of treated wastewater into Florida’s aquifer.

Carmen Wade, with the Alachua County Education Association, says that his lack of support for public education is prioritizing special interests over Floridians.

“We are the public in the state of florida.” said Wade. “We care about the environment. We care about the welfare of all and that is not what we’ve had from our senator.”

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