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I am writing this letter to tailor the message about how most of the students have been become the victim of our educational system.

We have a very ruthless system that needs to be uprooted — when the students are very ill or meet with an accident during their exams the examination board do not have provision for them to appear in the supplementary test, rather they have to wait for a whole year in order to take the exam.

This is not right under any moral standards, given how policy makers make sense of what they are doing. I think the schools and colleges or universities should be considerate when it comes to dealing with such matters.

The students should not be compelled to waste their energy, money and most importantly time. The government should intervene in this matter as well.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne


This is with reference to the news story “malnutrition rife due to early marriage, pregnancy” (THT, December 15, Page 6). Malnutrition and early marriage and pregnancy are interlinked as the studies have shown.

Bajura is one of the remote and impoverished districts in the far-western region of the country where child marriage and early pregnancy is quite common. The story states that a 21-year-old woman is already the mother of four children.

Women of her age in the capital and other urban centres are the college going girls who do not think of getting married at that age, let alone giving birth to four children of such a tender age.

One of the main reasons behind the early marriage and early pregnancy can be attributed to lack of educational opportunity and lack of possibility of getting a job even if she is educated in the district.

The report says that all the children are suffering from malnutrition as the mother and her family cannot feed the children the required amount of food due to poverty. It is the men and society itself who have to play a greater role in discouraging the early marriage and early pregnancy.

Parents tend to get their children married early because there no other option left for them to do till they are mature enough to get married.

The traditional practice of early marriage cannot be stopped unless the society becomes conscious about the importance of late marriage and late pregnancy.

The government should take a long-term approach to stop the practice. Encouraging the parents for girl education will not serve the purpose. The government should also provide job opportunity to educated women after they complete higher level of education.

There must be a long-term goal to minimize the practice of early marriage. On the other hand, the health centres should also provide nursing mothers and their husbands with help on how they can provide nutritional food available locally.

Raj Bahadur Shahi, Bajura

A version of this article appears in print on December 16, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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