Emotional Intelligence: The Online Training For The Future Of Business

Emotional intelligence is completely different to intellectual intelligence in that I relates to your own self-awareness. To be emotionally intelligence, you should be firmly in control of your emotions as a result of your own self-awareness as well as being sensitive enough to pick up on the moods of others. Intellectually intelligence relates directly to your academic and technical thoughts and abilities. As a result, they are completely the opposite.

To be emotionally intelligent, you do not have to be intellectually intelligent. In fact, research has found that individuals with exceptionally high intellectual intelligence levels are far more socially inept than individuals of average intelligence and thus have a low emotional intelligence score. However, the results are calculated on an individual basis via a survey.

Businesses have started to use emotional intelligence surveys to identify training needs and the weak links in a team in the hope that identifying them and reacting accordingly will actually make the workplace more harmonious and productive. Although it does not always work like that, the survey does go some way to helping! However, this only applies if all individuals answer honestly instead of answering in the manner that they believe the company wants them to answer.

Everybody can benefit about from here”>from emotional intelligence surveys and training. The training associated with the survey can really highlight problematic areas and attempt to solve them through team building days and training courses. The way we all relate to people can reflect on the individual business and attract consumers as well as repel them. This obviously has a major impact on the individual business and can make or break it, which is why all employees should be assessed on a regular basis.

The surveys are often conducted online and the results are returned online. As a result, more and more businesses are actually formulating online computer based training events that can enable an employee to connect with his or her co-workers. Online training is easier to administer, keeps costs down and can enable employees to track their progress to ensure that they are actually benefiting about from here”>from training. They can also then feedback on the nature of the training so that their opinions can help to formulate the next training tasks.

In terms of employees stressing about an emotional intelligence survey or assessment, it is possible to actually improve a score and so the first few results should pose no immediate concern, as long as the results do improve on a consistent basis.

Emotional intelligence training is the ultimate in online training activities and the various types available are now amongst the most popular surveys and training programs requested every year. Of all the people that undergo some sort of training, the highest percentage actually participate in emotional intelligence based training. As a result, every individual should attempt to learn a little bit about it all in preparation.


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