Educational food tours offer opportunity to taste invasive Florida lionfish

They’re beautiful, venomous and invasive: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says lionfish are having a negative impact on our waters.

Joe Glass founded ReefSavers hoping to decrease the number of lionfish in Florida waters.

“After reaching out to a few divers, we created a network of local fisherman throughout Florida that do this as their commercial job,” said Glass.

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Glass said the divers catch the lionfish and then hold educational food tours, where they partner with restaurants. People can even taste lionfish.

“It’s a cross between grouper and hogfish,” Glass said.

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He said since their last food tour in October, the program is responsible for removing 10,000 pounds of lionfish per month, a majority right off Florida’s coast.

He said a tour will be coming to northeast Florida in the next few months.

They’re also working on a boat that will act as their home base.

It will also eventually be used to research the lionfish invasion.


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