Wooden Number Cards and Counting Rods with Box

Vivid colors deepen babies’ recognition of colors. It can cultivate baby’s operating and thinking ability. Let babies learn and grow up in the process of playing wooden numbers.

0-1 year old babies: Teach him/her to learn to recognize and distinguish colors.
1-2 years old babies: Teach them to learn to count how many colors are there.
2-3 years old babies: They already have the concept of number and quantity. You can teach baby basic math operations, for example addition and subtraction.
More than 3 years old babies: You can teach baby division and multiplication. To start from simple, they slowly learn to do. Babies are very smart.

• Material: Wood
• Product Size: Approx 23 x 15 x 2.2 cm / 9.06 x 5.91 x 0.87 inch

Package Contents:
• 52 Counting Rods
• 19 Number Cards (2 sets of numbers 0 to 8 and a number 9)
• 5 Math Signs
• Wooden Box

Product Features

  • Includes 5 math signs and 19 numbers 0 to 9 and 52 counting rods
  • Let baby recognize numbers and understand the relationship between number and quantity
  • It makes learning fun and enriches the child imagination
  • This wooden “calculator” helps teach math skills and color recognition
  • Great educational value

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|| Comments

    By C. K. on May 30, 2015

    Very poor quality I did not know this toy was sent directly from China until I looked at the shipping status, which by then was too late for me to request a cancellation. Unfortunately, the quality of this toy was very poor. For instance, the sticks looked very flimsy as well as the number chips. Given that this toy was directly from China and not even a brand name, I don’t feel safe to let my kids play with it. I should have really checked the origin of the seller and from where the toy is being shipped…

    By mcat on May 30, 2015

    Great Montessori concept but not a good purchase 0

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