Wild Kratts Rescue Run

Product Features

  • Play each level as Chris, Martin, or Aviva – each character has their own unique Creature Power Suits in each level
  • Unlock 21 Creaturepedia entries full of fun animal science facts to keep kids engaged and learning
  • Rescue and learn about animals like the bald eagle, hawksbill sea turtle, kangaroo and many more!
  • 24 Replayable levels containing 3 Villain challenges
  • Explore three unique areas – South American Rainforest, Australian Outback, and the snowy North American forest
  • Activate awesome Creature Powers to rescue animals and avoid obstacles
  • Adjustable runner speed to ensure appropriate difficulty for all age groups
  • Earn stars for completing each level, collecting pawprints, and rescuing animals
  • Challenge Gaston Gourmand, Donita Donata and Zach Varmitech to ensure the safety of animals everywhere

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    By sue925 on January 04, 2018

    Great app!

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