Unplugged Explorers 8 Piece Kid’s Outdoor Adventure Kit – Backpack, Kid’s Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Exploration Guide, Bug Collector, Whistle, Magnifying Glass – Educational STEM Gift for Kids

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Unplugged Explorers is a U.S. company, founded by parents who realized that this world is an adventure, waiting to be explored by children! Nothing is more important to childhood development than interaction with our natural world. The Outdoor Adventure Kit allows our kids to do just that; UNPLUG and EXPLORE! Kids will learn valuable skills of problem-solving, exploration, teamwork and much more! Thanks for checking us out, enjoy the product, and leave a great review! BASIC INSTRUCTIONS 4X30 Shock Proof Binoculars – • Adjusts to your comfort level • Adjust the zoom with thumb screw Hand Powered LED Flashlight – • No batteries required! • Easily charge your flashlight by gripping and releasing the hand crank a few times Drawstring Explorers Bag – • Great for holding all other parts of your kit Adventure Journal – • Write all about your adventures! Magnifying Bug Collection Cup – • Put bugs, rocks, plants, or anything small inside and look through the lid • Your treasure will be instantly magnified at a safe distance! Magnifying Glass – • Discover a new and exciting world using your magnifying glass Whistle- • Enjoy hours of fun with your safety whistle • Talk to friends from a distance using Morse Code! Lensatic Compass- • Learn to use your compass with our easy to follow instructions • Remember to practice and play under an adult’s supervision

Product Features

  • PERFECT GIFT for your little explorers’ birthday, holiday, back to school, summer adventure and more! 4X30 Binoculars, Lensatic Compass, Hand-Powered LED Flashlight, Magnifying Bug Collector, Magnifying Glass, Whistle, Backpack and Exclusive Unplugged Explorers Journal
  • CREATE HOURS OF FUN AND EDUCATION– Getting unplugged from electronics is critical for our kids’ development. We are a US- based Mom and Pop shop that focuses on interactive developmental and educational toys.
  • INSPIRE CURIOSITY and ENCOURAGE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY– Active kids are healthy kids! Get them off their back pockets and onto their feet! Watch as kids explore their surroundings and learn about their environment. Whether up close or far away, their trusty magnifying glass, bug collecting viewer and 4 X 30 Shock Proof Binoculars will help them see the world as never before
  • DEVELOP STEM SKILLS– Learn Directions, Navigation, Morse Code, Birdwatching and more! With multiple STEM applications, this is more than just a toy, it’s an educational tool set! PLUS! BATTERIES NOT REQUIRED, not even for the flashlight. This entire kit is KID POWERED
  • UNPLUGGED EXPLORERS QUALITY GUARANTEE – This product from Unplugged Explorers, is Risk Free! With 30 Day easy Amazon returns, you’ll be happy and your little explorer will be happy, too

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    By lori allred on June 30, 2018

    This outdoor set comes with lots of good stuff for your little explorer! This outdoor set comes with lots of good stuff for your little explorer! One of the things that I think sets this Explorer kit apart is the quality of each item inside is very good and functional. The binoculars are pretty strong and sturdy. The magnifying glass is also strong but small enough for little hands. The hand powered flashlight is pretty neat. I also really like the sling bag that comes with it. The kids can keep all their tools inside while they’re walking around in the outdoors…

    By Cheryl D. Holton on June 30, 2018

    Unique gift to get your child outdoors and exploring!

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