Transforming Educational Pathways for Chicana/o Students: A Critical Race Feminista Praxis (Multicultural Education)

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This book chronicles a 10-year journey to develop and sustain Adelante, a university-school-community partnership designed specifically to address public education s failure to meet the needs of students of color, particularly Chicana/o students. The authors examine the persistent barriers, mistakes, challenges, and successes that emerged in their community-based partnership with elementary school students, college students, teachers, parents, and educational leaders. Intertwining critical race theories with Chicana feminist theories, they propose a critical race feminista praxis and provide real-world examples of what this praxis can look like in the context of a racialized, gendered, and colonial landscape. The book offers practical advice and theoretical insight to those interested in disrupting pervasive inequities that shape the (mis)education of marginalized students.

Book Features:
* Fills a void about how to engage in activist scholarship by describing concrete strategies and practices employed by the authors.

* Offers theoretical contributions through the braiding together of critical race and Chicana feminist theories.

* Proposes a partnership model for working with communities of color that promotes pathways to higher education.

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