Thinkrolls – Logic and Physics Puzzles for Kids

Product Features

  • 207 mind-sharpening puzzles
  • Easy mode for ages 3-5, hard mode for 5-8
  • Experiment with gravity, heat, buoyancy, speed, friction, elasticity
  • Enhance logic, observation, spatial cognition, problem solving, memory
  • Track progress for up to 9 players
  • 26 hilarious characters to play with
  • Original music & sound effects
  • Supreme design, eye-catching artwork
  • Language neutral
  • No in-app purchases, no 3rd party ads

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    By Anonymous on November 05, 2018

    Gets my child to plan steps ahead

    By Anonymous on November 05, 2018

    I’ve even played a few levels…it’s fun! Wow! This game is GREAT!! Exactly the type I want for my children, and I don’t even have any yet! I downloaded this when it was the free app of the day for my friends daughter that I babysit and spend a lot of time with. She just turned 5 and yesterday her mom finally got it on her iPad because she was tired of hearing about when little miss would see me to play it on my kindle, lol! I really just love that there is finally a game to challenge children’s minds. Something different that…

    By Anonymous on November 05, 2018

    My 4 year old Grandson amazes me …

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