The Educational Heritage of Ancient India: How an Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste

Just a thousand years ago, India was dotted with universities across its length and breadth, where international students flocked to gain credentials in advanced education. This illustrated book describes how these multi-disciplinary centers of learning existed in several forms such as forest universities, brick-and-mortar universities and temple universities.

It examines the funding for these citadels of learning and their graduation ceremonies. The process by which India’s ancient systems of education helped to fuel a knowledge revolution around the world with its manuscripts, forming the basis for monographs and academic papers, is explained with references. The marauding incursions by Muslim invaders, which disrupted the idyllic world of university learning in India, followed by European colonization, which led to further erosion and degeneration of India’s traditional learning systems, have been taken up in some detail. Readers will get a snapshot view of India’s education system down the ages from ancient to modern times.

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    By Kant P. on August 08, 2017

    Well-researched work This is a superb work! The book is very nicely written, and as one reads through it, it becomes clear that the author has done exhaustive research, especially considering the fact that some of these things have historically been ignored. I also like the fact that the author has not just stated personal opinions, on the contrary, there is a rich collection of references provided at the end of the book. In that sense, one can consider this book as an opening into further research, for the…

    By Cosmica on August 08, 2017

    I am very glad that someone has chosen to write on this topic

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