The Art of Instruction: Postcards: 100 Postcards of Vintage Educational Charts

Celebrating the beauty of vintage educational charts, this collection of 100 postcards is divided into four categories: anatomy, botany, zoology, and miscellany. Perfect for décor and correspondence.

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  • Used Book in Good Condition

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    By A. Rogers on May 03, 2017

    Nice Set Overall But The Miscellaneous Section Is Almost Useless This is a very nice set of postcards overall, especially for the price. The cards are in French and are divided into four categories: anatomy, botany, zoology and miscellany. I have taken pictures of all the postcards and posted them to customer images so you can decide whether or not these would work for you. I think the anatomy and zoology postcards are pretty interesting but maybe not all of them are something you could send to someone. The botany cards are great and I could almost all of…

    By Janelle on May 03, 2017

    THIS IS AN INFORMATIVE AND GORGEOUS SET OF POSTCARDS This is my favorite purchase I have made on Amazon. Out of sheer luck I found this set of postcards and they are exactly what I had in mind. I was not even looking for postcards but rather small sized anatomy and botany pictures. I collect glass cloches and make different displays in them weekly. I place a cool picture in the clothe then arrange coordinating items with them. This set of postcards had 100 pieces, not only in botany and anatomy but other cool looking images as well. The…

    By ProfessionalMo on May 03, 2017

    They are postcards

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