Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Revised 2nd Edition

This completely revised and updated ASCD best-seller is loaded with ideas for how to improve student achievement and create a more effective classroom by applying brain research to your teaching. Renowned author and educator Eric Jensen translates the latest scientific findings into effective instructional strategies, including: Why to start every class with opening activities that put students into receptive states. How to tempt students to focus more attention on learning tasks. Why to use compelling questions, personal stories, controversies, and celebrations in your teaching. How seating, room temperature, lighting, and noise affect learning. Why making your classroom a more positive social experience improves achievement.

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  • Teaching with the Brain in Mind

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    By Anonymous on October 05, 2017

    Very informative and provides a thorough understanding of how the processes taking place in the brain affect all aspects of the way in which people learn. The brain is constantly changing and evolving, influencing our moods, thoughts, and actions. Jensen covers all of the various stages of brain development from conception through the teen years. He demonstrates how parents can create optimal conditions for their children’s brains by creating secure emotional attachments with them, providing…

    By Anonymous on October 05, 2017

    By Anonymous on October 05, 2017

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