Teaching to Strengths: Supporting Students Living with Trauma, Violence, and Chronic Stress

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Half the students in U.S. schools are experiencing or have experienced trauma, violence, or chronic stress. Much has been written about these students from a therapeutic perspective, especially regarding how to provide them with adequate counseling supports and services. Conversely, little has been written about teaching this population and doing so from a strengths-based perspective.

Using real-world examples as well as research-based principles, this book shows how to

  • Identify inherent assets that students bring to the classroom.
  • Connect to students’ experiences through instructional planning and delivery.
  • Foster students’ strengths through the use of predictable routines and structured paired and small-group learning experiences.
  • Develop family and community partnerships.

Experts Debbie Zacarian, Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz, and Judie Haynes outline a comprehensive, collaborative approach to teaching that focuses on students’ strengths and resiliency. Teaching to Strengths encourages educators to embrace teaching and schoolwide practices that support and enhance the academic and socio-emotional development of students living with trauma, violence, and chronic stress.

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    By F. Ferrara on February 26, 2018

    This book provides a comprehensive framework to help educators address …

    By AMH on February 26, 2018

    A must read for all educators who care This book provides a comprehensive framework to help educators address the rising prevalence of trauma and chronic stress in school. Authors Zacarian, Alvarez-Ortiz and Haynes shift the conversation about student trauma from a deficit model to an inclusive focus on the whole child. Their assets-based approach takes a fresh look at the out of school factors that impact learning. Zacarian et al, teach educators to recognize the many strenghts students bring into the classroom each day…

    By Anonymous on February 26, 2018

    Building on positive psychology and the growth mindset, Zacarian and her colleagues present a comprehensive yet accessible approach to working with diverse student populations. The strength-based framework in this book specifically focuses on students who live with drama, violence, and chronic stress, a growing number of youngsters across all schools. The authors treat the topic with respect, deep-rooted knowledge and sensitivity, while also offering ample practical strategies. A must read…

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