Teaching Science for Understanding in Elementary and Middle Schools

“This book comes at just the right time, as teachers are being encouraged to re-examine current approaches to science instruction.”
Lynn Rankin, Director, Institute for Inquiry, Exploratorium

“Easy to read and comprehend with very explicit examples, it will be foundational for classroom teachers as they journey from novice teacher of science to expert.”
Jo Anne Vasquez, Ph.D., Past President of the National Science Teachers Association

Teaching Science for Understanding is a comprehensive, exquisitely written guide and well-illustrated resource for high quality teaching and learning of inquiry-based science.”
Hubert M. Dyasi, Ph.D., Professor of Science, City College and City University of New York

Even though there is an unending supply of science textbooks, kits, and other resources, the practice of teaching science is more challenging than simply setting up an experiment. In Teaching Science for Understanding in Elementary and Middle Schools, Wynne Harlen focuses on why developing understanding is essential in science education and how best to engage students in activities that deepen their curiosity about the world and promote enjoyment of science.

Teaching Science for Understanding in Elementary and Middle Schools centers on how to build on the ideas your students already have to cultivate the thinking and skills necessary for developing an understanding of the scientific aspects of the world, including:

  • helping students develop and use the skills of investigation
  • drawing conclusions from data through analyzing, interpreting, and explaining
  • creating classrooms that encourage students to explain and justify their thinking
  • asking productive questions to support students’ understanding.

Through classroom vignettes, examples, and practical suggestions at the end of each chapter, Wynne provides a compelling vision of what can be achieved through science education…and strategies that you can implement in your classroom right now.

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  • Teaching Science for Understanding in Elementary and Middle Schools

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