Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms

“Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There addresses a crucial issue in teacher training and professional education: the need to prepare pre-service and in-service teachers for the racially diverse student populations in their classrooms. A down-to-earth book, it aims to help practitioners develop insights and skills for successfully educating diverse student bodies. The book centers on case studies that exemplify the challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities facing teachers in diverse classrooms. These case studies―of white and African American teachers working (and preparing to work) in urban and suburban settings―are presented amid more general discussions about race and teaching in contemporary schools. Informing these discussions and the cases themselves is their persistent attention to opportunity gaps that need to be fully grasped by teachers who aim to understand and promote the success of students of greatly varying backgrounds. Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There arises out of recent scholarship about race and education, but it is more directly inspired by the pressing need for useful and credible guidance for professional educators in diverse classrooms. It will prove indispensable to teachers, administrators, and scholars alike.”

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    By E. Wilson on May 31, 2018

    A Framework for Professional Development Dr. Milner’s book serves as both a dose of reality and a refresh button for those in the field of public school education. I think his work is a pure reflection of today’s public school settings for both students and teachers. I would consider it a must-read for all teachers, regardless of whether you teach in a culturally diverse district or not. As a secondary teacher who has taught in both a suburban affluent school and in an urban poverty-stricken school setting I found the narratives…

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2018

    Dr. Milner’s insightful book on the issues teachers need to look at in order to be more effective to students of all backgrounds is a very eye opening read and something that brings up issues and starts a much needed conversation on the issues of opportunity gaps and how to reach students of different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds to yourself. Also getting into the need for diversity and the dangers of color blindness this book will make you look at your practices and try to improve on…

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2018

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