Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers with Dry-Erase Easel – 104 Educational Alphabet Magnets with Whiteboard for Vocabulary, Sentence Building and Math Skills

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Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers, 104 Pieces, 26 Uppercase, 56 Lowercase, 20 Numbers, 6 Mathematical Symbols for Vocabulary, Sentence Building, and Math Skills

Turn A.B.C. into A.R.T.!

Star Right combined creativity and education to design the perfect way for kids to develop an elementary sense of both the alphabet and mathematics! With our magnetic letter set your children have an interactive way to stay connected to both math and vocabulary through color association and shape recognition. Among many things, our set promotes basic math skills, sentence building, vocabulary, and punctuation.

Kids get the chance to actually feel the shape of all the letters and numbers, enhancing their progressive sentence forming and problem-solving skills. Our letters, made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, can comfortably fit in their tiny hands, yet are large enough to be safe from choking. Great STEM toy for both girls and boys

Our dry erase easel is self-standing, and can be easily folded and stored when not in use. The large surface fits a multitude of math problems and vocabulary words at one time. Grab some dry erase markers and draw alongside the letters for added fun! The possibilities are endless! When play-time is over, the magnets can be easily detached from the board and marks wiped down for a clean surface.

Inspire a world of color, creativity, and learning!

Product Features

  • ABC and VOCABULARY SKILLS: Combine 26 uppercase letters and 56 lowercase letters into vocabulary words, and practice sentence building along with punctuation uses.
  • MATHEMATICAL SKILLS: Take a break from vocabulary and practice counting, as well as simple addition and subtraction, with 20 numbers and 6 mathematical symbols.
  • DRY-ERASE EASEL: Self-standing and easily foldable, the large surface board can fit multiple words, sentences, and math problems. Draw alongside the magnetic letters with a dry-erase marker. Let your child watch their vocabulary displayed proudly. Additionally, each colorful letter fits comfortably in a small child’s hand, yet is large enough to be safe from choking.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC, FOAM LETTERS and NUMBERS: All of our materials are non-toxic and completely safe for both your child and the environment!
  • EASY STORAGE: Star Right makes it easy to have fun on the go! Our alphabet storage container has twist-off lid and a handle, making clean up and travel simple for all involved.

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|| Comments

    By Mary pierce on June 23, 2018

    You can’t go wrong with this the learning and fun just keeps going and going. We had a little bit of a quality control issue when it came to missing pieces on our original order. The company was wonderful about taking care of us. So now that I have a complete set I can write a review! I’ll start by saying I AM NOT using this as a white board. We strictly bought this for the magnetic aspect of it. The magnets are strong and they stick perfectly to the board. My daughter is enjoying practicing her math and spelling during the summer months. The magnets are foam on the top…

    By GypsyRose_03 on June 23, 2018

    Awesome teaching tool for young kids I got this as a birthday gift for my three year old granddaughter . The size is perfect and takes up very little space , just fold it and store it. No more magnets in the kitchen under foot . The magnets are made of a strongfoam so if you step in them there’s no pain !. And I don’t have to worry about the magnets falling out and being swallowed. The letter and numbers are nice bright primary colors for learning , and have a nice simple design on them. Plus the dry erase markers are great…

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