Sight Words for Kindergarten Coloring Book: Coloring pages with kindergarten sight words to help with sight word practice. (Educational coloring … and preschoolers with sight word practice)


Do you have a child in kindergarten or getting ready for kindergarten? Do you want to encourage them on their path of learning? Do they love coloring? If so, you need the Sight Words for Kindergarten Coloring Book!

This cool coloring book for young children will help your child learn the 52 kindergarten dolch sight words and provide fun coloring pages filled with cute and cuddly animals and practice pages to allow your child to improve their penmanship. Coloring is a fun activity that children love. Use coloring to give your child a head start on what will hopefully be a lifelong love of reading.
Inside, you’ll also find a list of dolch sight words so you (as a parent) will know what words to focus on when reading with your child. You’ll also find a free link to download copies of the practice pages so your child can continue learning and practicing long after they’ve completed the coloring book.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Easy and readable fonts for children
  • Over 100 pages for coloring
  • 52 Dolch sight words and accompanying activities
  • Cute and adorable animals for coloring
  • A Kindergarten sight word list for parents
  • Practice sheets to improve penmanship
  • A Link to download free practice sheets

Buy Now. Help your child develop a love for reading at an early age.

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