QIYO(TM) Brain Flakes Educational Building Toy for Fine Motor Skills Development for 3 Year Old

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“Brain Flakes” is a toy for developing children’s intelligence. It’s made of colorful soft plastic, circumference has eight slots, each of the docking, folded in a variety of shapes, cultivate kids’ fine motor skills. You can create any shapes you want! Such as “building” “furniture” “robot” and so on. Children can greatly improving their thinking ability through playing this brain flakes.

Fine motor skills relate to the small muscles of the body which enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects and fastening clothing. They involve strength, fine motor control and dexterity. Learn why these skills are important and how to help children improve them with this introduction. Weaknesses in fine motor skills may affect a child’s ability to eat, to write legibly, to use a computer, to turn pages in a book and to perform personal care tasks, such as dressing and grooming.

Brain Flakes from QIYO is a new construction toy which teaches children spatial thinking and stimulate their imaginations! Every jar contains over 250 discs, which means hours of endless fun and engineering education. The discs measure 1.3″ across and are 1/10th” thick. They can be assembled and disassembled easily for all ages and levels of motor skills. They placed in a reusable plastic jar (PET). The discs themselves are made from safe and tested polyethylene (PE). The cap of the jar is made from polypropylene (PP). It’s a revolutionary for the world of children’s (and adults’!) construction toys. Get your Brain Flakes today! The QIYO Brain Flakes–250 Pieces Interlocking Plastic Disc Set is manufactured by QIYO, the highest quality to ensure the safty for any age range users. If you are unsatisfied with the products, no matter for which reason, simply return it back within 30 days for a no-questions-asked full refund! Please remember… QIYO is all about Awesome Products at Amazing Prices!

Product Features

  • STIMULATES EARLY LEARNING: Provides young boys and girls a great opportunity to explore, learn and expand their imagination.You can build anything you want!Build castles, houses, animals, boats, and more!
  • SAFE AND FUN: Crafted using BPA free, non-toxic materials, our Snowflakes Connect can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water or a baby wipe.
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Featuring 250 snowflake pieces, the Snowflakes Connect inspires creativity, promotes hand-eye coordination and helps your young learner learn their colors!
  • GREAT BIRTHDAY OR HOLIDAY GIFT: Snowflakes Connect is a great gift for girls and boys over the age of five. Whether it be a birthday, holiday or just as a way to remind someone you care, you can expect hours of creative, imagine playtime with Snowflakes Connect.
  • PRODUCT GUARANTEE:30 day no questions asked return policy and FREE returns!

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    By C. R. Colbert on July 11, 2016

    Not just for 3 year olds…. Creativity Minds and Hand Disclaimer: I was ask to provide an honest review of this product by the seller in exchange for a discounted price. I should also indicate that I look at the picture and read only the highlighted points before purchasing the item so I do not know what others have said or any specifics.First Impressions: This item came in a clear plastic jar with gold screw lid and properly labeled with the name of the product and an example of what could be made using the “flakes” that…

    By R. Purrier on July 11, 2016

    Hours of fun and creativity for everyone! My nine year old daughter loves creating with Legos and so I thought that Brain Flakes would be a great opportunity for her to create a little differently. I was not disappointed. The Brain flakes come in vibrant colors and come in their easy to open and close plastic jar. They also come with a small printed sheet of different ideas that kids can try. At first, my daughter complained that she couldn’t get them to stick together well, bu after I showed here that you actually have to push…

    By TyRNs on July 11, 2016

    Great for my 5 year old! I recieved this product at a discount price in exchange for an honest review. I bought these for my 2 children ages 5 and 2 and I’d considered them a choking hazard for my 2 year old but my 5 year old loves them! She love building and being creative and these are so fun for her. The thing she loves most is that they are small and there are about 250 pieces so she can build whatever her little heart desires without “running out of pieces.”These would make a great gift. Of a great…

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