Out of Africa: An Educational Coloring Book for All Ages (Volume 1)

“Out of Africa” is a coloring book for all ages. It is an educational, but yet whimsical look at just a few of the animals found in and around the country of South Africa. Each animal contained within the 106 pages of this book are unique in their own ways, and you will learn about that as you as you color them. You will also find that every animal comes with their own educational fact sheet, so as you color, it will be like you are being taken on your own little educational safari. You will learn about the habits of that particular animal you are coloring, you will learn what they eat, how big they are and many more fascinating facts! Make learning fun again for both children and adults.

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    By Diane on March 30, 2017

    This book is fantastic. It is so much more than a coloring …

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