My Town : Hotel

Product Features

  • It’s not fun if you can’t lough, you can select you character’s expression by simply double tapping him or long press on him.
Sleep and party in the grand suit, honey moon at the love suit or relax at the green nature room.
  • Your luggage has all your clothing and costumes, place the luggage in the clothing cupboard as you enter your room to select clothing.
A Cleaning lady that does not like spiders, clean all the spider webs forming around the hotel to keep the place clean and tidy.
The best play room at the best hotel. your play room has a huge doll house, a pirate ship and lots of costumes and toys to play around with
Check out the sofa that turns in to a double bed at the red grand suit room.
  • New characters added and you loved ones are also here!

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    By Vote for Haley Higgins on August 08, 2016


    By Lifetimelearner on August 08, 2016

    My town is awsome

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