My Town : Bakery

Product Features

  • New Characters – If you have any of the My Town dollhouse games, you can bring your characters from those games over to My
  • Town : Bakery to join the fun!
  • If you are just starting out with My Town, no worries! You can create your own characters inside My Town : Bakery
  • We update our older games every month, so please wait for the updates to connect these games to My Town : Bakery
  • The ability to save your progress and pick up where you left off next time you open the app
  • Multi-touch Feature: Play with your friends and family on the same device!
  • If you can imagine it, you can make it. Everything is possible in My Town : Bakery!

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    By Pretty good. on February 09, 2018

    Pretty Good

    By Christopher Keller on February 09, 2018

    Three star

    By chris collins on February 09, 2018

    Awesome game

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