My Pretend Daycare & Preschool – Kids Kindergarten Dollhouse Games

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Product Features

  • This Daycare is the ultimate Pretend Daycare Center! There’s a room for little ones, babies, and infants with milk bottles, bouncer seats, cribs, and a play area!
  • Gorgeous and brightly colored graphics with all kinds of rooms in this Daycare for babies, toddlers, and school aged children!
  • Take care of Kinder and Preschool aged kids in the preschool classroom, and take them outdoors to the fun, outdoor playground with tons of play equipment, crawl spaces, tricycles and more!
  • Relax at the Teacher and Daycare lounge, and grab a snack and drink, and watch some Television!
  • Head out front, and watch parents pick up their kids to head home, and prepare for another day at the Daycare Center!

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