Memorable Teaching: Leveraging memory to build deep and durable learning in the classroom (High Impact Teaching)

“A truly excellent book which sets out the science behind learning with remarkable clarity.” – Mark Enser, Head of Geography at Heathfield Community College

This is a book is for any educator who’s interested in understanding how learning and teaching works.

From the author of Lean Lesson Planning, this latest instalment in the High Impact Teaching series pulls together the best available evidence from cognitive science and educational research, and stitches them together into a coherent set of actionable principles that can be used to improve your impact in the classroom.


It’s an evidence-informed teacher’s guide to building enduring understanding, and sits alongside books such as Make It Stick, Why Don’t Students Like School?, and What Every Teacher Needs To Know About Psychology.


Act I Preliminaries

  • Why memory?
  • Memory architecture
  • The 9 principles

Act II Principles

  • 1: Manage information
  • 2: Orient attention
  • 3: Streamline communication
  • 4: Regulate load
  • 5: Expedite elaboration
  • 6: Refine structures
  • 7: Stabilise changes
  • 8: Align pedagogies
  • 9: Embed metacognition


“I can’t remember when I have ever read a book that takes such complex ideas and communicates them with sophistication and simplicity.” – Oliver Caviglioli, Founder and author of HOW2s

“The book packs an awful lot of useful material into a short, easy to read format and as such is something that all teachers should add to their collections.” – Josh Goodrich, Head of CPD at Oasis Southbank

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