Melissa & Doug Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set – 56 Stamps With Lower-Case and Capital Letters

Write exciting messages with this beautifully organized wooden alphabet stamp set. It includes 56 letters (upper and lower case), punctuation marks and a 4-color stamp pad. Keep it neat in the convenient wooden storage tray.

Product Features

  • 56 high-quality rubber stamps with contoured wooden handles
  • Set includes upper- and lowercase letters, plus period, exclamation mark, question mark, comma, apostrophe, and quote mark
  • Stamp pad includes 4 colors of washable ink: red, blue, green and orange (packaging may vary)
  • Housed in a sturdy wooden box for organization and storage
  • Encourages letter and color recognition, hand-eye coordination and creative expression

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|| Comments

    By Sophia Schneible on July 26, 2018

    Good concept, some parts executed poorly. Expected better from M&D I purchased the M &D stamp set for my 4 yr old. We homeschool and as he is beginning his reading skills I new this would help us do some activities together as he starts learning to put letters together to form words.The positives: the stamps seem high quality. Large enough for a small child to grasp and use properly, but small enough for adult crafts too.-wood construction-wood packaging (but see the negative side of this too)-extra punctuation stamps…

    By Amazon Customer on July 26, 2018

    Impractical, frustrating design. Great idea, though I really appreciate Melissa and Doug products and ideals but the last few items I bought by them have been frustratingly impractical. It’s the box these stamps come in (and the other set of stamps, and the play cash tray). The stamps are flat across the top and flush with the sides of the tray. They’re square sided, set close together, and only mommy’s long fingernails can wedge between these to lever out each stamp. We could just toss the stamps back in but then we have to rummage to find the…

    By Mahogany Hill on July 26, 2018

    This is a decent tool I purchased these as an educational tool with play potential. I wanted a fun way of helping twins learn and spell their 1st and last name. I also thought it would be a good tool to trace letters so they can improve their handwriting. Today, I used these with one of the children. My ideas are going to prove fruitful.I have a few issues that may or may not be of importance to others: The letters are tough for little uncoordinated hands to extract from the box but fine putting them…

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