Matching Letters Kids Educational Game, Compare to BOGGLE JR Teaches Your Kids ABC and Matches the Words to the Pictures, this Game is loved by Parents.

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This Easy Version Of The Popular Matching Games Is graet for pre-school age + To Allow Children To Make The Connection Between Objects And Their Names. Players Can Challenge Themselves Further As They Become More Adept At Identifying Letters And Words. All Types Educational Games Are Opportunities To Learn, But First And Foremost, Your Child Wants To Have Fun. And That’s Why Adults And Children Have Been Playing Matching Letter Together For More Than A Decade. Kids First Matching Letter Game, Skill Your Child Will Love 1.Object And Word Recognition 2.Spelling 3.Sorting And Grouping 4.Concentration And Memory 5.Taking Turns And Sharing There’s No Need To Be Boggled By Words. Matching Letters Helps Children Learn Letters, Spelling, And Reading While Having Lots Of Fun!

Product Features

  • You’re Preschoolers First Matching Letter Game
  • Games introduce letter and word recognition, matching, spelling and memory
  • This easy version, compare to popular adult Boggle uses pictures and matching games to allow children to make the connection between objects and their names
  • Contents: Matching letter game tray 30 Picture, Word Cards with 60, 3 and 4 letter words and 8 Letter cubes
  • Board Game This Game Helps Children with Hand & Eye Coordination & Strategic Thinking Skills, Along with Developing The Ability to Play Together. This Game Is For 2 + Players and Suitable For Ages 3 Years and Up.

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|| Comments

    By Emily Elkins on February 20, 2016

    New favorite game in our house! Plus it’s, shhhhhhh…. EDUCATIONAL! So far we are loving this little game! Basically it comes with a set of cards that each have a picture and the word describing the picture on each side. One side of the card has a three letter word, the other a four letter word. There are eight dice that have all the possible letters on them. Shuffle the card and place them in the holder. The flap covers the word. The child can see the picture and then spells the word, then can move the flap back to…

    By mark on February 20, 2016

    Great learning game My six year old daughter is in kindergarten and learning how to write. She has spelling tests every week and does decently, though she could always use more help.This game ends up being really good. In fact, when my son is a little older I will for sure use this with him, too.Basically, you have the 3 or 4 letter word flash cards that you place in the holder. You can choose to hide the word or to have it shown. When your child is first starting out, you can leave the…

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