Magnetic Blocks Educational Building Tiles | Toy Set For Kids, Boys & Girls | Magnetic Shapes Set: 102 BPA Free ABS Blocks, in Storage Box, 2 Party Pinwheels, 2 Invisible Ink Pens & Instructions

DREAMENGINEERS – Child Architects for a better world!

The Lazy Monk Magnetic Building Blocks are the ESSENTIAL educational toys for every child!

Explore the depth of Visual Spatial IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY, as well as science, technology, even engineering! That’s how powerful these 3D building magnetic blocks!

With this complete 102 Magnetic Blocks Set, your little architect can create that perfect world! Together for a better future!


Children are the future and they deserve the best of everything! So, before designing our magnetic building tiles, we carefully looked at our competition!

Our customer deserves an enhanced, improved magnetic block set version, better than anything else on the market! We have achieved that goal

Here’s why the Lazy Monk magnetic building blocks are the ULTIMATE educational toys for kids!

  • Soft edges for a safe hands-on learning process
  • Magnetic blocks made of BPA FREE NON-TOXIC ABS Plastic, suitable for +3 year old children.
  • Building tiles equipped with a SUPER Strong magnet, resistant to wear, with no risk of demagnetization.
  • 5 DIFFERENT geometrical shapes, plus educational tiles: 24 square pieces, 2 hexagons, 20 triangle pieces, 2 rectangle pieces, 8x Ferris components, 2 wheel set, 16 number & symbol pieces & 26 alphabet pieces, ALL in a HIGH QUALITY storage box!
  • Fun and helpful gifts for parents & children: 2 Flamboyant Party Pinwheels, 2 invisible ink Pens for Boys and Girls & Idea and Instruction manuals.
  • Incredibly EASY to clean

Learning is fun!

With these Magnetic Building Blocks, you are INVESTING in your child’s future, the hands-on learning method to improve your child’s creative skills!

Parent – child bonds that last a lifetime!

Product Features

  • 👦PLAY & LEARN: THESE MAGNETIC BUILDING BLOCKS ARE THE ULTIMATE EDUCATIONAL TOYS! Why? Because they are versatile, fun to use and they can be combined in so many different ways! Plus, let’s not forget that kids of ALL ages LOVE these educational blocks, especially since a FERRIS WHEEL, VEHICLE SET & 2 Flamboyant Party pinwheels are included! FINALLY, learning can be fun & CHERISHED by kids!
  • 👦IDEAL SET OF MAGNETIC BLOCKS FOR KIDS: You’ve finally found the set you were looking for! Unlike our competition, we give you a COMPLETE learning tool BOTH YOU AND YOUR CHILD can RELY upon. 102 pieces, including magnetic alphabet blocks & numbers, EVERYTHING you need to develop your child’s ESSENTIAL skills: creativity, imagination & focus! Invest in the EDUCATIONAL TOYS YOU DESERVE & NEED!
  • 👦CREATING CONNECTIONS THAT LAST A LIFETIME: These are not your typical magnetic blocks! They are educational toys you need to CREATE LONG LASTING relationships with your children. Discover the FUN OF LEARNING, of building dreams and exploring the unlimited world of imagination! Each magnetic block brings parents & children closer together, strengthening the bond through LAUGHTER & INGENUITY!
  • 👦ONE HIGH QUALITY MAGNETIC BLOCK SET FOR ALL NEEDS: Investing in high quality, complete, versatile educational toys is a goal we’ve achieved through this MAGNETIC BLOCK SET. 102 Pieces, made from BPA FREE ABS plastic with rounded edges, perfectly safe for ALL children, of various shapes and colors, equipped with top of the line magnets ensuring the product’s longevity.
  • 👦 LONG-LASTING PARTNERSHIPS: You can count on these magnetic building blocks to help your child in the learning process for a long time! Only OUTSTANDING materials have been used and the design is made to LAST! Because we stand by our products, we OFFER ALL CLIENTS A 5 YEAR WARRANTY! Trust in the quality of our educational toys, as we trust in your desire for a better FUTURE for YOUR CHILDREN!

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    By melissa l. on February 14, 2018

    Hours of fun My children have played with this for HOURS! They love the set. It’s got a great mix of magnets in different shapes including squares, triangles of different sizes, half circles, and rectangles. What’s different about this set are the letters and numbers- what a wonderful idea! My 5 year old loves to spell messages for me, while my two year old doesn’t know all of her letters yet and I’ve been practicing the alphabet with her. The set has letters and numbers. My husband loves it so much that he…

    By Lindsay on February 14, 2018

    These are awesome! They come with so many fun things that … These are awesome! They come with so many fun things that you can turn into a learning experience for your kids. There are also materials to make pinwheels. There are parts to build a “Ferris wheel” and also some car pieces. All of this comes in a nice storage container. The handle on the storage container is kind of useless though. Maybe I got a defective one, but the handle is right up against the container so I can’t get my fingers under it. We’ve had other brands of magnets similar to…

    By Anonymous on February 14, 2018

    I have an autistic daughter and I am always looking for sensory items for her. I am so glad I came by these Magnetic Blocks because she loves them! When the box arrived my daughter tore it open and then opened the storage box. My toddler came to join her in the unwrapping of their new toy. I could not believe how fascinated they were with the Magnetic Blocks. My daughter has a hard time doing any one activity for an extended amount of time, we are working on it, this is the perfect addition to…

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