Magnetic Blocks Building Set Toys For Kids FUNKOO 76PCS Magnet Tiles Educational Building tiles Construction Toys For Boys Girls With Storage Bag

This magnetic building block is an intelligent magnetic construction set. With those magnetic construction pieces, children and kids can create kinds of 2D plane shapes or 3D geometric structures or models. It can help your child to develop creativity and critical thinking; It’s also a great toy that can make the parents have fun with their child.

1.some models in the User Manner need not only a set of magnetic blocks Funkoo.
2.When cleaning up the magnetic pieces, they should be put together one by one.


Square:2.55 inches
Pentagon: 2.55 inches
Plastic letter cards:1.77 inches
Triangles:2.16 inches
long triangles:2.44 inches *4.71 inches*4.71 inches

Package included: 
20 squares
  22 equilateral triangles
4 long triangles
2 pentagons
2 cartwheels
26 PC plastic letter cards 
26 letters stickers
1 storage bag

It is also a great gift for girls and boys over the age of Three. Whether it be a birthday, holiday or just as a way to remind someone you care, you can expect hours of creative, imagine playtime with magnetic building blocks Connect.

It is a fun educational magnetic toys that will benefit child who uses it. And with the alphabet stickers, your kids will be much smarter.
  We’re SO confident that you kids will love this magnet building set that it’s backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.If you child don’t love it for whatever reason, we’ll replace it or give you every cent back. That means that you either love it, or it’s free!

Product Features

  • 【Playing and Learning】: This building toys set can be combined into many patterns, especially with the two wheels, more interesting shapes can be made, such as animals, cars, planes, and etc. Put the alphabet stickers on the letter card. Kids develop their creativity and learn alphabet words in new ways while playing.
  • 【Safe & Durable Material】: The building blocks is made with high quality non-toxic original ABS material. Smooth edge of each blocks will never hurt kid’s little hands and safe for them.
  • 【High Quality & Affordable】: 76PCS in the kids building sets: 22 Triangles, 20 Squares, 2 cartwheel, 4 long triangles, 2 Pentagons, 26 Solid square, 26 letters stickers, 1 storage bag. More pieces in box with lower price. Compatible with other similar-size tiles, such as Magformers and Picasso, etc.
  • 【Easy Clean Up】: Super easy to clean them up since magnet sticks together by water and mild soap due to its plastic materials. Comes with a bonus storage bag to store all those pieces.
  • 【Portable Storage Bag】: Come with a blue storage bag, which makes it convenient to put all the pieces back after playing, portable to take it everywhere, especially when you need to go out with your kids.

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    By Shannon Gallagher on December 11, 2017

    I was really impressed by how strong the magnets were and how well the objects held together. Really strong magnets in this set. I have a few different kind and brands and I was really impressed by how strong the magnets were and how well the objects held together. The package includes some different ideas for projects to build which were easy to follow. The magnets are located in the center of each side and I was able to easily combine them with other magnetic blocks that I had that also had the magnets in the center of the sides (there is a popular brand that uses magnets at the…

    By ERC on December 11, 2017

    Perfect for any age group

    By Minnchic on December 11, 2017

    Was able to hold my 3 years olds attention! its a given they work!~ I was worried at first that these might be too advanced for my 3 year old. BOY was I wrong! She took to these right away. They are magnetic and very strong. I was concerned with all the pieces that she was going to have them all over but she has been great about putting them in the bag. In fact she has been asking to play with these over TV so I am more than happy! These are a great way for young children to be creative and not luke your typical “legos”. These give you the ability…

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