Klikko Vehicles: Educational Building Toy (137 pieces) with Activities to Learn Math / STEM Concepts, Ages 5+

This is a gift for kids ages 5-12 you can feel great about giving…a toy that entertains and educates! Unlike most building toys, Klikko Vehicles combines the FUN of building with activities to help teach STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts. This building set includes 6 different vehicles: jeep, car, rocket, ship, bulldozer or subway. The 137 colorful geometric pieces snap together, and pivot in any direction, for hours of creative building fun. How does it help teach STEM (especially math)? Research shows that kids learn math concepts more effectively (and enjoy math more) when they can visualize a concept with a concrete object. Our guidebook shows how to use Klikko pieces to gain familiarity with math concepts – including multiplication, fractions, area and volume. It also includes tangram puzzles to promote logical reasoning and visual-spatial skills. Finally, as a bonus for parents who hate cleaning up tiny pieces to building sets, we’ve included a clear resealable bag to keep the pieces in one place and off your floor!

Product Features

  • Great gift for ages 5-12: combines creative building fun with exposure to early engineering/math
  • Promotes spatial and fine motor skills: 137 colorful geometric pieces snap together and pivot
  • Six different vehicle building options for hours of play: jeep, car, rocket, ship, bulldozer, subway
  • Activities to build STEM/math skills: multiplication, fractions, area, volume, tangram logic puzzles
  • Less mess: includes resealable plastic bag to keep pieces organized and off the floor

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    By Alissa A. Apel on June 07, 2016

    Learn and Build My sons just had a few days off school, and my 10 year old played with this all afternoon. He did say that his brother (age 7) would need some adult help when he tries it.He build 3 out of the 6 items. He liked the subway and I liked the rocket ship.I like that there’s a variety of things to build. Kids learn multiplication, fractions, area volume, and tangram logic puzzles.The pieces can be a bit wobbly to put together. I thought possibly the pieces would…

    By Amazon Customer on June 07, 2016

    A building toy that includes learning activities families can do together.

    By Jamie Radford on June 07, 2016

    They love to build and design and make up stuff as … I got this for my boys to play with. They love to build and design and make up stuff as they go along and build. They loved this product. I have loved this product. They were fighting over each piece, trying to build their own thing. My middle son who is 9 loved the ideas in the book and soon began to build his own designs. He seemed to have no issue putting the pieces together once they got the hang of the connectors. Even my 4 year old figured it out very quickly and has been playing with it…

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