Homder The First Years Nesting & Stacking Up Cups with Numbers & Animals for Kids Toddlers Early Educational Stacker Toys,11 Pack

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Help for your baby:
1.One layer is stacked to train the baby to fold two movements.
2.Promote children’s brain development, hand eye coordination, fun and puzzle.
3.Help babies recognize colors, numbers, letters, shapes, sizes.
5.Smooth without burr, the baby is a variety of sensory training, comprehensive training baby.

Product Features

  • Made of quality material tested to be safe,100% meets toy safety standards.Safety and health, learning while playing.
  • This stacker toy includes 10 pieces progressively-sized cups and 1 piece randomly sent animal(include frog, rabbit, bear, tiger).
  • The 10 cups are marked with 1-10 numbers,help the baby early familiar with numbers, learn to count, while stacking the cup side can do math problems.
  • This toy is fun and challenges your baby’s ability to stand up and stack them higher and higher in proper sizing order teaching them color and size is very educational. In the bottom of each cup there is an animal embossed with their eyes making it able to play it in the bathtub.
  • Can be played at home, in the bathtub, at the beach, a great addition in the playgroup and kindergarten classroom or at the therapist. If you take your kids with you at work, another reason to get this.

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    By kimberly on August 11, 2017

    thinking he’d have fun pulling out each piece

    By Doyle on August 11, 2017

    My grandbaby will love these stacking toys. My daughter likes them very much. It is difficult to change her diaper now. So i gave a few cup to her to play and i can change the diaper easily. She can play with them by herself. The set came with a squeeze toy , but she did not like it very much. She does not like the sound it makes. But the toy she likes them.She can put the small cup into the bigger one. sometimes she tried to put the bigger one into the smaller one. so funny. The stacking cups are great for her to play . On the bottom…

    By Anonymous on August 11, 2017

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