Goodlucky365 Brain Flakes 600 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set, Educational Toys

Package include 600 pieces gear flakes with a plastic bag
The discs measure 1.3″ across and are 1/10th” thick
Made from non-toxic materials and BPA free

Brain Flakes is a toy for developing children’s intelligence. Circumference has eight slots, each of the docking, folded in a variety of shapes, cultivate kids’ fine motor skills. You can create any shapes you want! Such as building, furniture, robot and so on. Children can greatly improving their thinking ability through playing this brain flakes.

Brain Flakes from QIYO is a new construction toy which teaches children spatial thinking and stimulate their imaginations! Every jar contains over 600 discs, which means hours of endless fun and engineering education. They can be assembled and disassembled easily for all ages and levels of motor skills.

Please notice: don’t put it into mouth.

Product Features

  • Package include 600 pieces gear flakes with a plastic bag, discs measure 1.3 inches (3.2cm) across
  • Crafted using BPA free, non-toxic materials, can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water or a baby wipe
  • Provides young boys and girls a great opportunity to explore, learn and expand their imagination, you can build anything you want
  • Snowflakes connect is a great gift for girls and boys over the age of 3, whether it be a birthday, holiday or just as a way to remind someone you care
  • If you find any worries with our product, let our support know and we will refund you 100%

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|| Comments

    By Nuk on August 02, 2016

    Fun and great bonding time This is very different from the usual construction sets like Legos, Mega Bloks, etc. They are like snowflakes or flowers. ‘ My kids and I have built many models together. It is fun and you can spend many hours without noticing the time. There is no user guide with models or patterns; you just have to make your imagination run wild. Great productive bonding time with my kids.This is not for the very young kids. Some of the pieces are…

    By Katherine Chan on August 02, 2016

    Fun Building Toy – Fosters Creativity and Logic/Building Skills As per the nerdy children in our house, this toy is a resounding “five stars, mom”! These little discs really didn’t look impressive to me – in all honestly, they look like something you’d find in a crappy birthday goody bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find these discs fairly sturdy, in large volume so the kids can actually build things, and easy to put together. Each disc has eight attachment points, and to connect you simply push the pieces together. They don’t “click”…

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