Gifted Testing Flash Cards – Verbal Concepts and Vocabulary for Pre-K – 2nd Grade – Kindergarten Educational Toy Practice for CogAT test, OLSAT test, ITBS, NYC Gifted and Talented, WISC, WPPSI

[sg_popup id=1] Gifted Testing Flash Cards – Verbal Concepts include 72 cards covering 175 total concepts.

Improve your child’s:

  • Ability to follow directions
  • Aural reasoning
  • Listening skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Language and vocabulary

Strengthen Skills for Early Testing
Teach children the concepts using flash cards that they need to score well on early childhood verbal assessments, including the OLSAT, CogAT, WPPSI, WISC, Stanford-Binet, AABL, ITBS, IOWA, Bracken, SRT, KBIT, TerraNova, SAT10 and more!

Hours of Offline Fun
Offers you and your child the chance to play and learn together while reducing screen time. Go through the flash cards with your child to learn each concept, then reinforce them throughout the day for lasting learning.

Master School Success
Included are all the easy-to-hard concepts Pre-K to 2nd Graders need to master for testing and school success. On the back of each card, you’ll find additional questions to ask your child to deepen his or her understanding of each concept.

Concepts covered include:

  • Top/middle/bottom
  • Up/down
  • Over/under/through
  • Next to/beside/near
  • In front of/behind
  • Before/after
  • Between
  • Near/far
  • Above/below
  • Diagonal/vertical/horizontal
  • and 150 more

You’ll enjoy 450+ additional questions total for hours of play and learning. Engage your children in learning with these colorful flash cards featuring our signature entertaining characters and create a powerful bond with your child by learning and playing together! When paired with a paid subscription available on our website, you will have all of the necessary tools at your disposal to best prepare your child for any test that he or she might face.

Product Features

  • Teach children the concepts they need for gifted and talented test preparation and answering questions on tests of verbal reasoning such as the OLSAT®, CogAT®, WPPSITM, WISC®, Stanford-Binet, AABL®, ITBS®, BrackenTM, SRT, KBITTM, TerraNova®, SAT®-10 and more!
  • Learning these concepts will strengthen your child’s abilities in the following areas: following directions, aural reasoning, listening, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and vocabulary.
  • The back of each card includes bonus questions and learning activities to reinforce the concept on the front through playful parent-child interaction.
  • Not just for students applying to gifted programs – these vocabulary cards cover temporal, spatial, quantity, and quality concepts all children are expected to master for school readiness and success.
  • Glossy finish creates a smudge-proof barrier – if the cards ever get dirty, you can easily wipe them off.

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    By Reading Fool on December 25, 2017

    I really love these flash cards! I really love these flash cards. They are brightly colored with silly characters that made my little Sophie laugh when she played with them. Each card teaches a few concepts/vocabulary that all young children need to master – words like first, second, third/top, middle, bottom/above, below, between/inside, outside/on, off/high, low/up, down, sideways/over, under/beginning, end, and much more. There are questions you can ask your child on the back of each card, so they’ll keep you and your…

    By Elena from Chicago on December 25, 2017

    feel like a game I think these flash cards are a very helpful tool summarizing the concepts a child needs to know to be successful in kindergarten. Contrary to some negative reviews, these are not “test questions to memorize” violating copyrights or whatever the preposterous nonsense the reviewer wrote. You can find the same information by reading through tomes of board of education standards or if you value your time, by purchasing the flashcards. In some way, they can be compared to brainquest or…

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