General Value of Visual Sense Training in Children (Educational Psychology Monographs) (Volume 15)

This monograph deals also with the transfer of formal discipline as revealed by classroom experiments. Dr. Wang is a Chinese government student at the University of Michigan. His work has a direct bearing on the value of sense training such as that insisted upon in the Montessori system. The results obtained by Dr. Wang are in favor of the transfer. In his conclusion the doctor says: “Our experiments seem to indicate that the amount of transfer depends upon two factors, namely, purposeful application of method and the efficiency of the method applied.”

Catholic Educational Review, Volume 14 [1917]

There are two types of disciplinists, the old who think that mental powers developed by the training of one function will benefit equally all others, so that any kind of study will prepare for life if it is well done; and the type that thinks specific training should be for a specific function, although other qualities applicable in other fields are also developed. The latter hold that there should be different lines of study for the development of different faculties, such as arithmetic, accuracy; Latin, analysis; sense studies, observation, etc. Although the former type of educator is declining and the latter holds the field. Mr. Wang believes that a new survey in view of new light and especially new experimental methods will lead us to certain sure results.

The Journal of Genetic Psychology, Volume 24

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